Telegram obtains investments of $330 million.

Telegram obtains investments of $330 million.

Telegram, an instant messaging platform, was able to receive a large investment of $330 million through the issuance of bonds, according to the site's creator and CEO, Pavel Durov, on his private channel.

Durov stated that high-level global investment funds purchased the bonds, without naming the institutions that invested in the platform, and that global financial institutions value the company's expansion.

According to some estimates, the current yield on the bonds sold by Telegram is 7.7%, with a maturity date of 2026 or when the platform goes public, whichever comes first.

It is worth noting that the platform sold bonds totaling up to 210 million USD last year.

According to claims made by Durov to the British Financial Times newspaper last week, the platform is presently seeking a stock market listing and expects to be profitable by next year.

According to the platform's most recent official figures, the total number of Telegram users worldwide is expected to be above 900 million.

The platform hopes to raise its revenue through adverts, which it has begun testing in several countries, and wants to broaden its scope to include a diverse range of advertisers while expanding its availability in more nations. The company has pledged to develop a profit-sharing program for content creators who own channels that will display adverts.

Telegram offers a subscription that lets users to convert their ordinary personal accounts into unique accounts and profit from a collection of services that are not available to regular accounts.

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