At GTC 2024, SK Hynix makes available the finest SSD for AI.

At GTC 2024, SK Hynix makes available the finest SSD for AI.

At the GTC 2024 conference, SK Hynix revealed the SSD PCB01, which boasts the greatest performance levels in the market.

Artificial intelligence-guided fifth-generation PCIe communication interface for personal computers is utilized by the PCB01 disk, which is an SSD.

By the end of this year, SK Hynix intends to release two variants of the PCB01 disk to key technological businesses and general users, having finished development of the disk in the first half of 2024.

With the PCB01's 14 GB/s sequential read and 12 GB/s sequential write speeds, users may load large language models (LLMs), which are necessary for AI reasoning, in less than a second.

PC manufacturers are developing an architecture that stores the large language model (LLM) in internal storage on the PC and transfers data to DRAM fast for AI operations, enabling AI to function smoothly on-device. The PCB01 facilitates the efficient loading of huge language models throughout this process. SK Hynix anticipates that the latest SSDs' features will greatly improve the quality and performance of artificial intelligence in personal PCs.

The PCB01 is well-suited to handle the increased power requirements imposed by large-scale AI activities since it has up to 30% better power usage than the previous generation.

SLC technology was incorporated into the PCB01 by SK Hynix. Certain NAND memory devices can now function with single-level cells to attain incredible processing rates thanks to this technology. This makes it possible to read and write data fast. It causes the operation of personal computers and artificial intelligence services to speed up.

At GTC 2024, SK Hynix displayed its most recent products and innovations in addition to the PCB01, such as 36GB 12-layer HBM3E, CXL, and GDDR7.

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