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How might the iOS 17.4 update extend the life of your iPhone 15's battery?

To enhance the iPhone user experience and address possible problems, Apple is introducing several new features to the iOS system. One such feature, which will be included in the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, will be a change to the way battery information is displayed in the new iPhone 15 series phones. Specifically, the Settings app's Battery Health & Charging menu will be replaced with an expanded menu called "Battery Health," which will include a submenu with additional information about battery health.

However, how will this contribute to extending the life of your iPhone 15 battery?

The battery health report will be replaced by a new menu that displays the maximum percentage of battery capacity. If the battery is operating as expected, it will be assigned a score of Normal.

In addition, users will have access to comprehensive data regarding the quantity of charging cycles finished, along with other helpful details like the battery's manufacturing date and the date of its initial use. Previously, the Settings app's About page had this information.

When will iPhone 15 phones be able to use this feature?
This feature will arrive on iPhone 15 phones via the iOS 17.4 operating system update. This update is currently being tested, and although the final release date for this update has not been confirmed by Apple yet, it will be in March of this year.

It is expected that the iOS 17.4 update will include a group of other novel features, such as: enhancements to the stolen device protection feature and a group of new emojis that will reach all compatible iPhone devices.

Although the processors used in leading smartphones are becoming more power efficient, there is still a lot that Apple or any other phone manufacturer can take action to extend battery life.

The phone's battery life Depends on numerous things, including activated settings, such as the always-on screen feature, which consumes a lot of battery power, but some settings help extend battery life, including optimized battery charging.



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