Apple is looking for partners to strengthen their artificial intelligence initiatives.

 Apple is looking for partners to strengthen their artificial intelligence initiatives.

Apple has held preliminary conversations with Baidu about incorporating the Chinese company's generative AI technology into its Chinese devices, the latest evidence of the iPhone maker's ambitions to broaden its AI capabilities.

According to a new claim published by the Wall Street Journal, the American technology behemoth is considering engaging foreign partners to assist expedite its objectives in artificial intelligence.

Apple has been in talks with many companies about leveraging the technology to power mobile phone functions.    

Apple is seeking for a local generative AI model provider in China because top AI models such as ChatGPT and Gemini are not available there.

Galaxy devices compete with the iPhone and use the Gemini model outside China, as well as Baidu's Ernie model in China, to power some of the artificial intelligence features.

Apple's conversations with Baidu are still in the early stages, and it is unclear whether the corporation has partnered with other Chinese AI businesses.

According to the report, Baidu has introduced various generative artificial intelligence models that have been approved by Chinese authorities under the country's new legislation.

The new Chinese regulation requires artificial intelligence models to acquire regulatory permission before they can be utilized.

The iPhone manufacturer has spent in developing artificial intelligence capabilities, including establishing a generative AI model.

Apple aims to use technology to improve features such as voice assistant, photo editing, and email.

Apple maintains its users' data in China in a cloud maintained by a state-owned partner, in compliance with laws that require customer data collected in the country to be retained locally. China is the company's largest overseas market, but it confronts fierce rivalry from domestic rivals, including Huawei, which is subject to US penalties.

iPhone sales in China plummeted by 24% in the first six weeks of the year, while Huawei phone sales increased by 64%.

Other obstacles Apple has in China include low consumption and limitations on state officials using iPhones.

Apple CEO Tim Cook went to China this week to unveil a new store in Shanghai.

Cook emphasized the company's commitment to the market, telling the Communist Party-backed Global Times that China was the company's most important supplier chain.

Many artificial intelligence technologies are expected to be included in iOS 18, with some running locally on the device and others running in the cloud.

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