WhatsApp is testing the feature that converts voice communications to text.

WhatsApp is testing the feature that converts voice communications to text.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging network, is developing a new feature that will convert in-app voice communications to written text.

The new functionality was discovered in the source code of the most recent Android beta version of the application, with WhatsApp having already tested it in the iPhone beta version since the end of last year.

According to what was indicated in the source code, activating the feature of translating voice messages to text will need downloading roughly 150 MB of additional data for the application, which is typically related to voice recognition programs within the system

According to the source code, WhatsApp will transform audio into text inside handsets rather than relying on external servers to protect users' privacy, and written texts will be protected using an end-to-end encryption technique, just like messages and calls. Application.

It is worth noting that the competing Telegram platform already allows converting voice communications into texts, but it is limited only to users with premium accounts subscribing to "Telegram Premium," as they can profit from this feature without limit.

This function will be extremely useful since it will allow users to know the content of voice messages even if they are unable to play the sound and listen to them. It is also highly appropriate for people who have hearing difficulties and cannot listen to voice communications.

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