Samsung plans to mass-produce its smart ring.

Samsung plans to mass-produce its smart ring.

Samsung has begun preparing to introduce its new product, the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring that was recently announced and is scheduled to be released later this year.

As the debut of its new product approaches, Samsung intends to raise manufacturing to satisfy customer demand, which the company anticipates will be considerable.

The Galaxy Ring smart ring is set to be released in the second half of 2024, and Samsung has begun making significant quantities in anticipation of initial reservations, which will begin in August, and to minimize any potential shortages of available units.

According to a report published by the Korean technical website The Elec, Samsung intends to build approximately 400,000 units of the smart ring to meet the first wave of consumer demand.

This initial figure is massive in comparison to smart ring sales in the market, accounting for half of what Oura, the leading smart ring manufacturer, has sold since the first smart ring was launched in 2016 and will continue to sell until March 2022.

If demand for the Galaxy Ring smart ring continues to rise, it is believed that Samsung will be able to meet these needs due to the ring's compact size and the availability of its manufacturing portion.

Samsung revealed its ring earlier this year and showed it to the public at the MWC 2023 conference last month, stating that the smart ring will come in nine sizes and three colors, as well as a powerful battery that can last up to nine days and integrate with Samsung phones, smartwatches, and a variety of other devices. Android smartphones, but will not be compatible with iPhones.

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