Google applies artificial intelligence to personal health.

Google applies artificial intelligence to personal health.

Google has launched some initiatives aimed at bringing AI models to the healthcare business, including an AI chatbot that assists Fitbit customers in extracting information from their wearable devices.

At its annual health event, The Check Up, the business said that it is developing an AI chatbot that pulls data from wearable devices and provides personalized workouts and recommendations based on users' health and fitness goals.

Using the Gemini AI model, the chatbot can determine how exercise impacts a person's sleep quality by asking natural language questions and developing personalized charts to learn about your health.

The business stated that it is also striving to improve health information in Google Search and the video-sharing site YouTube.

Google has tried to revolutionize healthcare for years, with mixed results.

It revealed ambitions to buy Fitbit in 2019, but the deal drew strong antitrust investigation due to concerns about what Google would do with the vast amount of user data it has gathered.

Last year, the business introduced Med-PaLM, an artificial intelligence model capable of answering medical inquiries.

Building on the success of Med-PaLM 2, the business will launch MedLM, a suite of AI models for healthcare, toward the end of 2023.

Karen DeSalvo, Google's chief health officer, stated that the latest initiatives are part of Google's mission to provide high-quality health information across all of its products used by people and enterprises.

She said that the company is looking into the world's major health concerns and how its technology can help, whether for an individual or a nation.

Google is working to incorporate its artificial intelligence expertise, especially huge language models, with medical research.

Large language modeling systems process large amounts of digital text and utilize that data to train computers that anticipate and generate content in response to a prompt or query.

Google stated that it has begun studying upgrading the Gemini model for medical uses and that the personal health tool it is building in collaboration with Fitbit is based on Gemini, without disclosing a schedule for when the feature would be available to the public.

The increased interest in artificial intelligence has created the door for critical discussions between Google and medical specialists about how to best implement the technology in the healthcare area.

The search giant has to participate in communication with healthcare providers, doctors, patients, and insurance companies to see how the technology may be useful.

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