Roblox adds new AI features

Roblox adds new AI features

Roblox has announced the release of two new AI technologies designed to shorten the time required to produce avatars and 3D models.

The AI-powered solutions are intended to assist producers minimize time-consuming avatar setup and composition stages when creating content for the platform.

The first feature, called Avatar Auto Setup, streamlines the avatar creation process by instantly transforming a 3D body mesh into a live, animated avatar that people can adopt.

When a maker chooses a new feature, Roblox performs a series of tests on the asset and automatically produces the 3D models.

The Avatar Auto Setup tool selects distinct body parts of the avatar to add clothing, followed by facial features to add animation.

The avatar can then start to move and interact with its surroundings. Roblox claims that the Avatar Auto Setup function allows developers to accomplish a procedure that would otherwise take days in only a few minutes.

The second tool, known as Texture Generator, allows developers to easily change the appearance of 3D objects using plain language text prompts.

This capability allows creators to swiftly develop new looks and bring new materials to life. The feature picks the object and applies 3D materials on top of it in a way that matches the object's geometry.

For example, if you submit a text prompt to construct a 3D wooden treasure chest generator, the function will generate textures that accentuate the chest's sharp corners and add other details like wooden panels and a lock.

According to Roblox, this procedure usually takes hours or days for a creative to finish, but with the Texture Generator tool, creators can finish it in 30 seconds.

A maker can also utilize the feature to quickly produce many variants of an object in various colors or materials. You can utilize one cup model to generate another in gold, silver, or bronze.

After you've created the 3D item, you can select to store or use it. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you might attempt again to achieve a different result.

"Our new AI technologies help anyone, from indie developers to professional game studios, quickly create rich, compelling content across our platform," said Roblox's Vice President of Creative Engineering, Nick Torno. "These technologies help fast transform a concept into reality.

He went on to say: "By using these tools, content creators can focus on creative thinking rather than execution, enhancing experiences to increase engagement and grow their business."

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