How can you receive more accurate responses while utilizing Google's Gemini bot?

How can you receive more accurate responses while utilizing Google's Gemini bot?

The key to getting the most out of generative AI chatbots is to utilize the proper prompts, therefore most chatbots like Gemini and ChatGPT feature a prompt button—usually in the style of a pencil—but also allow you to alter the question. The original one, but Google went over and beyond, allowing users to change their own responses.

In March, Google released a new version to the chatbot (Gemini) that contains a feature that provides users greater control over the robot's responses, as part of the response may now be picked and updated or adjusted according to your preferences rather than writing a new prompt. This upgrade happened after... Google removed the component that generated photos of people in the robot because it provided erroneous information in previous images.

But how does this new feature operate, and how might it help you get the most out of Google's Gemini bot?

Firstly; How does the text editing feature work in Gemini bot responses?

This new feature in the Gemini bot allows you to make new drafts of the bot's responses or alter the existing responses to your liking. For example, you can vary the length of the response, the style, and the language utilized.

To utilize this function, simply select the section of the text you wish to edit and give the Gemini robot some instructions to receive a more accurate response faster or change the responses without any specific instructions. You can choose to shorten the text, change its style, or compose it anew.

As stated on the robot updates page, Google's goal with this update is to give you more control over your creative process by allowing you to repeat information and ideas inside the context of the initial response. This feature promises to help you receive results closer to what you're looking for.

Note: This new feature for bot responses is only available in English and is currently only available in the Gemini web version.

secondly; How can you use this feature?

1- Re-create new drafts:

You can produce new drafts of merely the most recent response in your talks with the Gemini bot with a single click of a button, without having to write any new prompts. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • When you type your claim into the Gemini bot and press the enter button, the answer to your question or inquiry will appear, along with three additional drafts that you may access by choosing the View other drafts option in the top right corner below the query.
  • Next to the three drafts, you'll see a circular arrow icon titled "Regenerate drafts." It enables you to create new drafts by simply clicking on them.

2- How to modify Gemini robot responses:

  • Go to the Gemini bot's web version ( and input the desired prompt.
  • Once the response is displayed, pick the text you wish to change, then tap the pencil icon that appears below the selected text, and a chat area will emerge; Where you can add some instructions to adjust the response according to what suits you, and below it, there is a list of four possibilities to modify the selected text and then change the response, which are:
  • The Regenerate option allows you to regenerate the text specified in the answer.
  • Shorter option: Allows you to shorten the text you chose for the response if it is too long.
  • Longer option: Provide an explanation of the text you picked in the response if it is too short.
  • The Remove option allows you to delete the text you selected in the response.

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