Google provides YouTube Premium in 3 Arab countries

Google provides YouTube Premium in 3 Arab countries

Google said that YouTube Premium subscriptions are now available in three Arab countries that previously did not have them: Libya, Morocco, and Yemen.

Other countries where Google has introduced its service include Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Although the YouTube Premium service is now available in the majority of Arab nations, it remains unavailable in Sudan, Palestine, Mauritania, and Somalia.

Google intends to grow the number of users to its premium platform by making it available in additional countries around the world. The service is available in more than 100 countries around the world. 

Google stated in November that the number of YouTube Premium and Music subscribers had surpassed 100 million.

The service allows you to watch videos on YouTube without commercials, download and watch them without connected to the Internet, and play them in the background, among other benefits.

Google is selling a YouTube Premium subscription for $14 for individuals and $23 for families of up to five. Prices may differ from one country to another, and students might get a large discount by providing the ID card of the educational institution to which they belong.

Google hiked subscription fees for the service during the past year 2023 in many countries around the world, while some countries had a modest increase or kept the same as countries with an increase since the firm assigns the prices of its services according to each country.

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