Telegram allows the feature of sending voice messages that can be heard once

 Telegram allows the feature of sending voice messages that can be heard once

The Telegram instant messaging network has released a new update that includes several new capabilities, including the ability to transmit voice messages that can be heard once.

This functionality can be enabled while sending a voice message in the Telegram app by clicking on the "1" button that shows automatically when you begin recording the message.

When the message is transmitted, the recipient can only listen to it once before it is instantly destroyed. The message will also be tagged with a "1" indicating that the "View Once" function has been engaged.

Telegram also added the capacity to pause and continue recording audio messages without destroying the previously recorded clip.

It's worth mentioning that WhatsApp implemented the "view once" feature for audio messages at the end of last year.

The platform offers the same new possibilities for delivering video communications via the app.

Subscribers to the expensive Telegram Premium service get exclusive access to various new features, including the ability to hide the time of reading messages while being aware of it in messages sent to other people.

Those users can select who can send messages to them first: "Everyone" or "Contacts and Super User".


Last month, the Telegram platform released another update that improved channel discovery and customization. It also upgraded the calling interface by introducing new animation effects and different backdrops that change constantly, as well as improving the "bots" system to better engage with users' messages.

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