Meta abandons Facebook news in favor of content

Meta abandons Facebook news in favor of content

Meta has announced that it intends to eliminate the Facebook News tab in the US and Australia in April 2024, and will not enter into new business arrangements for News, nor create new Facebook products for news publishers in the future.

In 2019, the business introduced the news tab on Facebook, along with multi-million dollar content contracts with publications.

Deals at the time included $10 million for the Wall Street Journal, $20 million for The New York Times, and $3 million for CNN.

The Facebook News tab support page did not use the term shutdown but instead discussed the recent shutdown in Europe and what is coming up for the United States and Australia.

The page stated, "The Facebook News tab is no longer available in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, and will not be available as of the beginning of April in the United States and Australia."

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Meta has retreated from the news industry; it previously abandoned the instant articles feature.

Meta shifted its focus from news to the creator economy in 2022, and Campbell Brown, the company's former head of news partnerships, left in October.

"We hope this work will help in our efforts to sustain quality journalism and strengthen democracy," the firm said when it launched the Facebook News page in 2019.

Its poll discovered that it was underserving many of the topics users wanted in their news stream, particularly in areas like as entertainment, health, business, and sports.

Meta currently has a different statement, stressing that news accounts for less than 3% of what individuals see in their Facebook News Feeds and is a minor component of the Facebook experience for the vast majority of users.

Meta devotes her time and resources to what users want to see on the platform, such as short videos, rather than paying publishers.

The firm urged publishers to continue providing links on their pages, using products like Reels and advertisements, to divert traffic away from Facebook.

Meta terminated $70 million in annual payments to Australian publishers including The Guardian, Sky News Australia, News Corp, and Seven and Nine.

The corporation completed these three-year deals after the Australian government established a new law, and these contracts are due to expire.

The problems were resolved in 2021, when Australia updated its law and Facebook imposed a temporary news blackout, erasing pages for government institutions and non-profit groups. Last year, Facebook censored news in Canada under a similar regulation.

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