Google releases an update to the Call Screen feature for Pixel phones

Google releases an update to the Call Screen feature for Pixel phones

Google has revealed that select Pixel phones will receive the next generation Call Screen feature, which enhances the existing feature by adding a new welcome button.

The new Welcome button prompts Google Assistant to speak on your behalf. The digital assistant asks the caller why they're attempting to reach you, and you can hear their response in real-time. You can interrupt the smart assistant and take the call if something seems urgent.

Google stated that the Call Screen feature has improved and can now help start a call while the caller is mute. When a caller does not react, this update displays a hello button. You may hit the button while on a call to have Google Assistant prompt the caller to talk so you can understand why they're attempting to contact you. If you cannot answer the phone immediately, Google Assistant instructs the caller to wait a little longer while they attempt to reach you.

Google Assistant previously filtered calls similarly; however, the new Welcome button provides the user complete discretion over when the screening process begins.

If you can't reach the phone right away, you can tell the caller to wait. The tool continues to give transcripts of these calls for you to study later.

This feature is part of the March benefits for Pixel phones. The improved Call Screen feature is available for Pixel Fold, Pixel 6 and later.

Google smartphones may now upload HDR videos directly to Instagram, eliminating the need for processing. Ultra HDR photographs can also be uploaded and shared through your Instagram feed.

This is comparable to Samsung's prior strategy with the Galaxy S24 camera update.

The addition of the new features expands the Circle to Search tool, which the firm previously announced, to include Pixel 7 smartphones.

This feature enables users to search for objects by drawing a circle around them. The utility was previously only available for Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 users.

You can now share only what you wish during a video conference by sharing the program screen rather than your complete screen.

Instead of displaying your complete screen during a video conference, you can share only one app across your Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, or Pixel 5a and later phones.

On the Connected Devices settings page, Google has included a new, more efficient way to rapidly pair previously used devices with your account.

You may now access previously set-up Bluetooth accessories using your new phone or tablet, and Fast Pair makes it easier to connect your devices.

Google Docs Markers allows you to add handwritten annotations to a document or task directly from your Pixel device, using only your finger or pen.

With a variety of tools to pick from, you can now review and edit documents in a way that is simple and adaptable to you and your team.

Google has added a new audio toolbar to Gboard throughout the Pixel Tablet, eliminating the need for a numeric keyboard to dominate the screen, optimizing screen real space, and making multitasking easier.

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