iPhone 15 prices are witnessing an unusual decline in China

 iPhone 15 prices are witnessing an unusual decline in China

According to a new Bloomberg story, Apple is experiencing an unusually long decrease in iPhone 15 sales in China, leading retailers to offer price cuts of up to $180 in an effort to re-attract buyers.

According to the source, the famous Chinese e-commerce portal Tmall, controlled by the Alibaba Group, has brought more reductions in the pricing of iPhone phones, as it is now offering them at prices roughly 120 US dollars lower than last year's prices during the same period.

This comes after Apple offered a discount of 500 Chinese yuan (equivalent to 70 US dollars) on the price of iPhone 15 phones through its official website before the Lunar New Year holiday in China, after which the company returned to selling phones at its usual price, and the company rarely offers... America reduces the prices of its items.

Seller promotions and discounts imply that the popularity of iPhone 15 phones in China is declining, and Apple's sales in China fell 13% in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Some analysts believe that there is a relationship between the strong interest in new Android phones enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) features and the decline in sales of iPhone phones, which witnessed an annual sales decline of about 10% at the beginning of this year, while Huawei achieved remarkable growth in return.

It is also worth emphasizing that the Chinese economy is typically contracting, with citizens' spending capacity declining, demand for goods and services decreasing, and their prices falling.

Apple is likely to incorporate a large number of artificial intelligence features with the next operating system updates, and one of its goals will be to try to increase product sales.

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