It was found that malware takes the bank accounts of iPhone users

Malware was discovered that steals iPhone users' bank accounts

Group-IB, a cybersecurity group, revealed the existence of "GoldPickaxe," a Trojan type of malware that targets users of iPhones and iPads to steal their bank accounts.

A comprehensive analysis released by Group-IB claims that GoldPickaxe was first designed to attack Android users, but it was later successful in targeting iPhone and iPad users as well.

According to the business, this malware may be extremely harmful and is perhaps the first Trojan for the iOS operating system on Apple devices. Because it gathers identity documents, SMS communications, and facial recognition data, which could allow it to steal customers' bank accounts

After obtaining all the data, hackers utilize deepfake software and artificial intelligence-based techniques to fabricate photos to access the bank accounts of unsuspecting victims before it's too late.

Initially, the "GoldPickaxe" software was distributed via Apple's TestFlight program in the App Store, which permits developers to release beta versions of their apps without submitting them for store review.

The hackers have taken a more sophisticated technique based on the primary purpose of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile is to control business devices, even if Apple has removed the suspicious app. It enables businesses to alter and modify many system components following their needs.

To download an application from outside the App Store, which is not currently allowed, the hackers had to resort to tricking users into installing a malicious file. However, once the program is installed, the hackers can gather all the necessary data.

Although it can potentially be used to attack people worldwide, the GoldPickaxe virus primarily targets users in Vietnam and Thailand.

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