X wants to use smart TVs to take on YouTube

 X wants to use smart TVs to take on YouTube

According to Fortune magazine, Elon Musk's company X intends to release an app for Amazon and Samsung smart TVs to take on YouTube and reposition itself as a video platform.

The story claims that the program looks just like YouTube TV, the YouTube software for smart TVs, and that the platform intends to debut it next week.

To make X more appealing to internet influencers and advertisers, Musk originally unveiled a plan in July that included encouraging people to view long-form movies on the giant screen.

Musk plans to take on YouTube as well as the social media forum Reddit, the encrypted messaging software Signal, and the live broadcasting website Twitch.

The platform aims to take a significant lead in the video streaming industry by releasing the X app for smart TVs.

Recalling the full-screen, infinite-scrolling experience of TikTok, X showcased a new video feature while announcing in January that it was now a dedicated video platform.

The platform's intention to go from smartphone screens to TVs in living rooms is not a novel move—Twitter has already introduced TV applications at least three earlier times.

Early releases were made available in 2010 on the Google TV platform and in 2011 on Samsung's Smart Hub platform for smart TVs.

In 2016, Twitter announced video streaming apps for Xbox One, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV after agreeing to show 10 NFL games for $10 million.

Musk is concentrating on internet influencers, media personalities, and online video game streaming in his vision for video streaming.

The social media network recently inked a contract with Don Lemon, a former CNN anchor, for a new program that will air only on X. Long-form visual footage, like Tucker Carlson's recent encounter with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is frequently shared on X by the former Fox News personality.

The billionaire emphasized that content producers would gain from increased advertising revenue and pushed them to shift all visual material to X.

In a succinct response via X to a user's post inquiring about the potential of watching the platform's long video clips directly on smart TVs, Musk stated that long video clips will soon be available on smart TVs.

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