Apple temporarily suspends development of the foldable iPhone

Apple temporarily suspends development of the foldable iPhone

Chinese media reports that Apple has put the development of foldable iPhones on hold because the company's high testing standards were not met by the displays supplied by its suppliers.

As part of its research and development for future foldable smartphones, the business is evaluating rival companies' foldable phones; it is thought that these tests started in 2016.

Chinese media said that Samsung, a significant supplier of screens for Apple products, is the manufacturer of some of the foldable gadgets that Apple is reportedly testing.

The source claims that after many days of intensive internal testing, the Samsung screens that Apple tested cracked. As a result, Apple had to put its foldable device project on hold until later in the future, or until it could provide a screen that could match its exacting criteria.

In addition, new reports suggest that Samsung is attempting to improve its operational efficiency in anticipation of Apple's plan to release its first foldable products, building on the experience it has gained since 2019 in producing foldable devices. Samsung had previously supplied Apple with foldable screen models.

After more than five years of research and development, Apple has been working on creating prototypes of two foldable iPhone handsets, according to a report published by The Information technical website earlier this month.

Although the two prototypes may be folded widthwise, the report also stated that the company currently has no plans to sell the device in 2024 or 2025. The article further stated that should foldable smartphones fail to live up to the company's expectations, it may give up on the concept.

Prior to this, the Korean website The Elec had previously revealed that Apple was thinking of releasing its first foldable product in the next few years. It would be a 7–8-inch device that would eventually take the place of the iPad Mini tablet.

Apple has temporarily paused development of the foldable iPhone, including the iPhone 13 mini and Apple Watch Ultra. Stay tuned for updates!

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