Google removes the YouTube Kids app from smart TVs

Google removes the YouTube Kids app from smart TVs

Google revealed its decision to withdraw the YouTube Kids program geared at children from the smart TVs it now works on, starting July 202w.

Users will be able to access "YouTube Kids" via the original YouTube app, which Google integrated in the middle of last year.

For a long time, the YouTube Kids app was available alongside the normal YouTube app on smart TVs such as Android TVs, Samsung, LG, Apple, and Amazon.

To access the children's platform in the original YouTube application on smart TVs, you must first set up a child's account using the application settings.

When the application is restarted, the "Who is watching?" page appears, allowing you to select either the primary user account or the child's account to access the YouTube Kids interface. You can also switch between the two accounts using the profile icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

"YouTube Kids" is a platform developed from standard YouTube that was created exclusively for children to give a safe place for exploring online videos. The platform meticulously censors content using a combination of automated approaches and human assessment, ensuring that all clips video is appropriate for children and offers parents greater control options.

Google removed its personal assistant, Google Assistant, and the program for online conversations and meetings, Google Meet, off smart TVs earlier this month.

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