WordPress plans to sell its users' content to artificial intelligence companies

WordPress plans to sell its users' content to artificial intelligence companies

According to a new claim by 404 Media, WordPress' parent firm is in talks to sell training materials from its platforms to AI businesses such as MidJourney and OpenAI.

The specifics of the agreement are yet unknown, and Automattic is attempting to reassure users that they can unsubscribe at any time.

The research shows a contradiction inside the organization that founded WordPress, as part of the content acquired for artificial intelligence businesses includes private content that the company is not supposed to save.

The advertisement content has arrived in the training dataset. Automattic does not own the advertising content, which includes commercials from the previous Apple Music campaign.
the organization that founded WordPress,
Since OpenAI debuted ChatGPT in late 2022, generative AI has grown in popularity, with several startups soon following suit.

This system works by training on enormous volumes of data, allowing it to generate authentic-looking films, photos, and text.

Publishers have complained, arguing that most of the data used to train these systems was either pirated or not recognized as fair use under current copyright regulations. Some have initiated litigation.
Automattic intends to introduce a new option that allows users to opt out of AI system training, though it's unclear whether the choice is enabled or disabled by default for most users.

Squarespace, a WordPress competitor, offered a similar opt-out box for allowing your data to be used to train artificial intelligence last year.

A recent Automattic post verified the reports and attempted to position the move as providing users more control over their material.

"AI is rapidly transforming almost every aspect of our world, and that includes the way content is created and consumed," according to the blog post.

He went on to say: "We have always believed in public, free internet and individual choice, and like other technology companies, we are following this developed public, free internet
ments closely, including how we work with artificial intelligence companies in a way that respects the preferences of our users."

The essay defends Automattic's objectives, points out that there is no law mandating web crawlers to respect preferences, and says that WordPress's parent company follows best practices for offering consumers the option of whether or not to have their content used to train artificial intelligence.

"Regardless of geographic location, we want to provide you with tools that grant you the same degree of authority as possible," the post went on to say. "Our collaborations adhere to all opt-out options. We also intend to regularly notify any partners about users who have recently unsubscribed and request that their content be deleted from previous sources and training." "The future

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