7 advantages that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has over the iPhone 15 Pro Max

7 advantages that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has over the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The (Galaxy S24 Ultra) phone is the most distinguished phone in the new (Galaxy S24) series of phones that Samsung introduced to the markets at the end of January, thanks to Samsung's improvements and changes at the level of design, durability, and screen, and it also supports a set of features. Exclusivity, thus it's the best Android phone you can buy in 2020.

However, if you are looking to buy a new phone and are debating between the iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple and the Samsung phone (Galaxy S24 Ultra), the Samsung phone is emerging as a strong contender to outperform the Apple phone.

Here are 7 advantages that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has over the iPhone 15 Pro Max:

1- The screen is brighter and less reflective

The Galaxy S24 Ultra screen boasts a brightness of up to 2,600 nits, which is significantly higher than the brightness of the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen, which reaches only 2,000 nits. While the iPhone screen is bright enough for most usage, raising the brightness in the S24 Ultra screen provides an optimal user experience in direct sunshine.

Samsung also provided the phone with a layer of Corning Gorilla Armor glass, which decreases reflection by up to 75%, improving the user experience in terms of screen content readability in direct sunshine, as well as reducing screen glare or reflections in adverse environments. Lighting and diverse environments

Furthermore, Samsung has enhanced the cooling technology in the S24 Ultra, which means the phone will not have to dim the screen as frequently as it does in intense sunlight just because it becomes hot.

2- The 50-megapixel telephoto lens:

One of the Galaxy S24 Ultra's most impressive features is its powerful 50-megapixel telephoto lens, which allows 5x optical magnification. The iPhone 15 Pro Max also has a 5x telephoto lens, but the resolution is only 12 megapixels. As a result, you cannot zoom in too far because the quality will suffer significantly.

While the telephoto lens on the S24 Ultra takes clearer images due to the high lens resolution, even at 10x zoom, this lens also provides higher quality in low light because of the wide aperture of f/3.4.

3- Longer battery life:

Samsung has demonstrated in the Galaxy S24 Ultra that a large battery is not required to achieve longer battery life, but rather the efficiency of the processor in power consumption, as the phone's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor provides better and more effective performance in energy consumption.

Laboratory phone testing, which included continuous web browsing over the 5G network until the battery died, revealed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra battery lasted 16 hours and 45 minutes in adaptive refresh mode, exceeding the 14-hour and two-minute limit. accomplished by the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the identical tests.

Furthermore, the S24 Ultra phone charges faster because it offers rapid wired charging with a capacity of 45 watts, allowing it to charge the battery up to 71% in just 30 minutes, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro Max also supports wired charging with a capacity of 45 watts. It has a capacity of 20 watts and can charge the phone's battery up to 41% simultaneously.

4- Support for Wi-Fi 7 networks:

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first Samsung phone to employ the current version of Wi-Fi 7 technology, making this one of the S24 series' exclusive features, whereas the iPhone supports... 15 Pro Max) Connect to a network (Wi-Fi 6E).

To be clear, most people won't see much benefit from their devices supporting Wi-Fi 7 right now, as there are only a few routers that support Wi-Fi 7, but given that most people are buying phones... As a leader and maintaining it for three to five years, this advantage will be important in the next few years.

5- Advantages of artificial intelligence in Galaxy AI:

The Galaxy S24 series includes the intelligent assistant (Galaxy AI), which provides a wide range of artificial intelligence features that improve the user experience in every way, from communication, photography, and photo editing to radically transforming the way you search online.

As a result, the new set of (Galaxy AI) capabilities is one of the reasons why some consumers prefer to buy (Galaxy S24 Ultra) instead of (iPhone 15 Pro Max), as Apple has been slow in the step of incorporating generative artificial intelligence into its phones till now.

The nicest aspect about the Galaxy AI capabilities is that they save time. The Circle to Search function allows you to rapidly search the web for anything on your phone using a simple circular drawing around that thing without having to exit the application or input what you're looking for. Live Translate allows you to translate calls in real time.

Furthermore, the Generative Edit tool allows you to completely delete or rearrange things from photos, and then utilize generative AI to fill in the empty space. You can also extend the image, and the generative AI will fill the additional section with a background similar to the original image.

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6- Large capacity random access memory:

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has 12GB of RAM, whilst the iPhone 15 Pro Max has 8GB of RAM, allowing for the seamless storage of more apps in memory. High level of performance.

7- Advantages of the S Pen:

The Galaxy S24 Ultra phone includes a Samsung electronic stylus (S Pen), however the iPhone does not support Apple's smart pen, and this is a significant benefit of the Samsung phone over the Apple phone.

This pen is a valuable productivity tool because it allows you to easily take notes during meetings, modify papers, and draw fresh ideas. The remote command feature transforms the S Pen into a remote for your Samsung phone, allowing you to easily access applications, control presentations, and browse images. Simply simply moving the pen.

Discover the 7 key advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra over the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max in this comprehensive flagship phone comparison. Explore the differences between Android and iOS, and make an informed decision about the best smartphone of 2024.

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