WhatsApp is testing management of external application conversations

WhatsApp is testing the management of external application conversations

WhatsApp is making headway towards cross-platform communication, as indicated by new capabilities uncovered in the Android beta release.

While the option to send direct messages to users on other platforms is not currently available, the platform is establishing the groundwork for such engagement in the future.

The current beta version indicates the company's progress on the "Manage External Conversations" feature. The functionality allows users to totally disable the chat interoperability service.

This is consistent with the EU's Digital Markets Act, which promotes user autonomy over data sharing and communication preferences.

This feature allows consumers to opt out of cross-platform messaging.

The functionality gives the user control over external applications that can connect with WhatsApp, allowing him to be more independent and arrange his communication experience.

Users can opt to interface with trusted messaging services while choosing the extent of interconnection.

The ability to carefully regulate access to external applications is useful since it allows users to avoid unwanted communication from unfamiliar platforms while remaining connected to desirable services.

WhatsApp restricts disabling the service by moving external conversations to read-only mode, which means users cannot send or receive new messages within those conversations, but these chats remain available within WhatsApp and can be removed at the user's option.

Additionally, group chats and video/voice calls will be unavailable in this mode.

WhatsApp users may look forward to a more connected future thanks to the "Manage External Conversations" feature. This development coincides with the company's efforts to comply with European Union Digital Markets Law rules while also meeting increasing consumer expectations in cross-platform communication.

With more details expected to come in future versions, this feature has a huge impact on how users interact and manage the messaging experience through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is also actively testing new features in recent beta releases. One of the test features is implementing a secret code for locked conversations for the WhatsApp Web application, to boost privacy and security.

WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to manage external application conversations within the WhatsApp platform. This new feature is expected to make it easier for users to manage their conversations across multiple applications.

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