Snapchat intends to unify the Spotlight and Stories experience

Snapchat intends to unify the Spotlight and Stories experience

Snapchat is taking a few initiatives this year to boost growth, including merging the Stories and Spotlight experiences, strengthening cross-platform ad interactions, increasing engagement, and expanding its user base in North America and Europe.

The social network introduced the Spotlight function over three years ago and has had positive results.

The total time spent viewing Spotlight climbed 175 percent year over year, while the average monthly active users increased 35 percent.

Snapchat stated that it intends to use Spotlight's grading processes and recommendation engines to enhance engagement on Stories.

Snapchat intends to begin by unifying the user interface and navigation between Spotlight and Stories, recognizing that modifications to key products like these may backfire.

"We think one of the frustrating things from a user experience perspective is that the user interface and navigation in Spotlight are different from the user interface and navigation in Stories," the company stated.

The first steps are to standardize the user interface, then standardize navigation, and ensure that there are no negative side effects in various portions of the major products.

Snapchat's efforts to merge the Stories and Spotlight experiences are also tied to the social network's need to provide greater incentives to advertisers.

Snapchat stated that Spotlight contains 99 percent brand-safe material, based on a third-party estimate.

Snapchat noted that it offers marketers the chance to receive a secure brand experience without paying a premium to avoid dangerous content, as is the situation with other platforms. 

Snapchat believes it can continue to provide these benefits to advertisers through this unified experience, and that its extremely high levels of brand safety are a key differentiation.

The platform also stated that it aims to disclose insights gained from utilizing its AI chatbot to present users with relevant and engaging adverts.

In May 2023, Snapchat unveiled new advertising options for Stories and Spotlight, as well as a sponsored link feature for the My AI artificial intelligence chatbot.

Over the last few years, the platform has focused on developing an Android app to gain expansion in emerging areas.

The platform is now prepared to continue developing the iOS app to draw additional engagement from monetizable regions, such as North America and Europe.

Snapchat is merging Spotlight and Stories, creating a one-stop destination for sharing and discovering content. Plus, we've got tips on fostering employee engagement and improving your Snapchat presence. Get the scoop here!

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