Instagram limits the visibility of political content

 Instagram limits the visibility of political content

Meta announced changes to the way political content is displayed on Instagram and Twitter.

The latest adjustments include not censoring political content that appears to users on both platforms by default, as well as only showing posts from political accounts that the user follows on both.

Users who wish to see more suggested political content on the Instagram and Threads platforms can go to the Instagram control settings, and then click on the "Suggested Content" area, where the firm has a new option for "Political Content."

When the user clicks on it, he is led to a new options page where he can restrict or accept the display of suggested political information.

Meta stated in one of its official blogs that the suggested content updates will be applied to public accounts as well as the spaces where it recommends content, such as the Explore tab, short videos, "Reels," and suggested users, without affecting how content is displayed from accounts that users choose to follow.

Meta defines political content as content that discusses governments, elections, or social issues that affect a big group of people or society.

Meta stated that it plans to bring these additional settings to Facebook in the future.


Observers believe Meta would try to separate itself from controversial political content on all of its social platforms, especially with the US presidential elections coming up at the end of 2024.

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