Google stop Gemini's function to produce images of humans

 Google stop Gemini's function to produce images of humans

After claiming that its Gemini AI picture-generating feature was giving false information in older images, Google announced it was suspending the feature.

Users on several social media networks expressed dissatisfaction about the AI tool's erroneous depictions of historical figures, like the US founding fathers, as persons of race.

Less than twenty-four hours after the corporation issued an apology for errors in certain historical photographs produced by the artificial intelligence model, Google has decided to temporarily cease producing images of humans in Gemini.

Certain Gemini users requested pictures of historical groups or persons, and the images that appeared were AI-generated non-White people.

Online conspiracy theories claiming that Google purposefully avoids showing images of white people have been sparked by this.

Google stated in a post via X that "the feature can generate images for a wide range of people, which is useful because people all over the world use it."

"We are working to improve this type of photography immediately, and we are aware that the feature provides inaccurate information in some historical AI-generated images," the spokesperson continued.

Google announced in a statement that it is discontinuing the feature for the time being and will shortly re-release an enhanced version.

The tool, which Google unveiled at the start of February, is built on the Gemini artificial intelligence model, formerly known as Bard.

As Google attempts to catch up to Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the feature confronts obstacles.

Sora is a new generative AI model that Open AI unveiled this week. It can create videos based on text prompts from users.

Senior Gemini product manager Jack Krawczyk of Google clarified that the search engine giant takes representation and bias seriously and that its image-generating tools reflect its vast worldwide user base.

We still handle open-ended claims in this manner, Krawczyk stated in a post on Ex. "We strive to adapt to accommodate the more nuanced historical contexts."

Google launched the Gemini artificial intelligence model at the end of 2023. This month, it rebranded Bard to Gemini. The search giant also launched a subscription service for a more powerful version of the artificial intelligence model.


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