TikTok urges its users to protect it as the ban approaches

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Just hours after the US House of Representatives passed a bill that might outlaw the social media site in the US, TikTok CEO Xu Qiu urged users to defend their fundamental rights.

Chiu added that if the bill is approved and signed into law, the platform will provide a legal obstacle.

A video of Chiu saying, "We will not stop fighting and defending you," was uploaded on X. We're still doing everything we can to safeguard the platform we created with you, including using our legal rights.

Additionally, he urged American TikTok users to tell their stories to legislators, friends, and family.

If this legislation is approved, Chiu stated, "TikTok may be prohibited in the United States." The sponsors of the measure admit that this is their intention.

Only a few days after it was presented, the "Protecting Americans from Controlled Apps from Foreign Adversaries Act" was enacted by the US House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

Should the bill be approved and signed into law, ByteDance would be prohibited from using US app stores and web hosting services and would have to sell TikTok to a US business within six months.

In the past, the platform has disregarded state prohibitions. The app was prohibited in Montana after TikTok launched a lawsuit against the state last year. In November, a federal judge temporarily halted the prohibition before it went into force.

Over 170 million American users of the app received messages from TikTok last week asking them to speak with their legislators about the possible ban.

The warning said, "Speak now before your government takes away the constitutional right to free speech for approximately 170 million Americans."

High school students called House personnel in droves as a result of the avalanche of notices. The corporation was chastised by lawmakers who claimed it was attempting to meddle in the legislative process.

In his appeal, Chiu claimed that a collection of other social media businesses would gain more power if the platform was banned.

Similar views were made by former President Donald Trump, who attempted to force ByteDance to sell TikTok in the US and said that blocking the Chinese platform would benefit the meta, whose Reels site directly competes with TikTok.

Chiu continued by saying that eliminating TikTok may negatively impact small companies, artists, and hundreds of thousands of American employment.

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